It's been a while..

Ok, I realize in my previous blog post that I said that I would be blogging away soon..

Well it seems that life has gotten in the way and I've been a little...

how shall I say...remiss.... in my ummm.... frequency...of posting.

At any rate, I'm here now, alive and well:)

Fall has come and gone in a flash and I find myself looking at 100 stained glass snowflakes hanging in the window, (handmade by a North Van gal, Dawn Mackecknie, who also makes those awesome wool-felt dog leashes I've been carrying for years) as it appears that that time of year is fast-approaching.

Back-tracking to Halloween several weeks ago, omg.

Last year was my first Halloween in the Village as a business owner and I thought that 1100 kids (well, that's how many chocolate bars I gave out) was absolutely unbelievable.

No siree bob. This year, the business owners, myself included, estimate about 1400 ghosts and goblins and unicorns and Harry Potters showed up to the Village to do the annual pre-Halloween load-up from 3-5. It was insane, but oh-so-fun.

And the most beautiful autumn day ever, to boot.

I ran out of Pop-rocks by about 4:30, as I had only figured on the 1100 based on 2018.

Holy year I'm going for 1500 Pop-rocks (the kids seemed to like those:)

Fast-forward a few weeks and things are starting to look a little festive around here.

The shop is more full of great stuff for Christmas than it's ever been before.

That's one of the great things about your business finally really thriving after 9 and a half years (lol...only 9 and a half years..egad)...that you have the ability to buy way more stuff. That said, this year, I've gone a little crazy on the Stocking Stuffers, most of them from this great company from the Netherlands, Kikkerland, that I've been carrying for years now.

Kikkerland makes all kinds of cool gadgets, fun games and functional things...most of which make great Stocking Stuffers.

As well, the Maileg Mice (from Denmark) have been a bit of a hit, so I've gone out on a limb this year and ordered well...A LOT of mice!...and of course, their beds and clothes and strollers and cradles...and pottys..

basically everything a mouse needs to function in his or her little mouse world:)

Hope to see you soon! Glynda:)

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