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Glynda the Good Witch Cards

& Cool things

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Check out my new online jewelry store!
Click Shorewood pic above

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So many cards... 
So many Cool things...    

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Shop Hours

Mon -Sat  11-5
Sundays   12-5


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back in the village...

After almost 14 years, the shop the with far-too-long name, has established itself as the go-to place

on the North Shore for eclectic, beautiful, but always-affordable gifts & greeting cards.

The latter being something that has certainly built a huge customer following over the years,

because of my1000 original greeting card designs.

And now, in addition to my brick & mortar shop, I've launched Shorewood Jewelry, an online

store which features gorgeous, timeless & classic 14k gold over solid sterling silver jewelry.

Sold both in-store and online.

Check out my link above!

5 years ago, after 8 years of running my shop in Ambleside, West Vancouver,

I closed the doors and made the move over to Edgemont. 

I renovated the much beloved Edgemont Jewellers, the owners

retiring after an amazing 35 year run and opened the doors to my new location

of Glynda the Good Witch Cards & Cool things in Edgemont Village.


It's been so great to be back, as I grew up here and remember the Village fondly

in the 70s & 80s, going to both Highlands & Handsworth schools. 

It was a great neighbourhood to grow up in then, with the Village being the epicentre.

Yes, it has changed, but not too much,

as it's definitely retained it's idyllic awesomeness... and then some.

Look forward to seeing you at the corner of Highland & Edgemont!


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