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Well here I am, back in the Village.

Although I ventured a whole 5 miles away to West Van in my twenties and

continued to raise my kids there, I've never forgotten my North Van roots.

I've never forgotten walking home from Highlands school at 8 years old and making

a detour to Peter Rabbit Market for candy, peering in at the shops along the way.

The Village has changed a lot since the 70s, but in some ways, not at all.

It still retains the same warm neighbourhood community feel that it did then.


Glynda the good witch cards & cool things opened 14 years ago in Ambleside.

Six years ago, I moved the shop to Edgemont Village and yes, after all these years,

it felt like I'd come home.

In addition to over 1000 of my own greeting card designs,

the shop also carries gorgeous jewelry and many awesome gift lines.

My hope (and motto), has always been that there is "something for everyone".

I've also launched a new online jewelry store called Shorewood Jewelry.

The timeless & classic line of 14k gold over solid sterling silver is available in store

or online at

This store is a culmination of my love of creating and of my love of finding cool things from around the world..

or from the people in my community. I can't think of anything more fun than that.


Hope to see you soon at the corner of Edgemont & Highland!                                        Glynda


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